Xavier Omar, a young man finding his rightful place within the music industry. Formerly known as SPZRKT (Spazzy Rocket), and tired of people not being able to pronounce his stage name…he changed it to his real name to gain more awareness. Omar has been making music since 2013 with albums such as Lucid Dream and Bonfire (2014). He finally made recognition with his joint EP with producer Sango called, Hours Spent Loving You (2015), followed up by his solo EP, Everlasting Wave (2016).

Xavier Omar grew up traveling to many different places but he calls San Antonio, Texas home. His religious background, on top  of  being exposed to so many different cultures, helped shape Xavier and his music into his essence. His sound is poetic, powerful and whimsical all at once. His influences in music are  Frank Ocean, John Legend, and Daniel Caesar. Omar isn’t afraid to think outside the box when writing his music. What I love about his sound is that we have artist like him, artist like Sampha and Sango, showing a different side of music coming from Black men. We have more than Drake and The Weeknd to be in our feels. Xavier Omar is a beautiful example of a Black man being raw, vulnerable and extremely honest about what he wants out of life, music and love.

My favorite tracks include, Reassurance ft. Elhae from the album Bonfire. Blinded Man, Speculate and Poison from the album Everlasting Wave. These are my favorite because I relate to his lyrics, and I love the soft dark feel to them. His songs are my go to when I want to feel loved, lonely or hopeful.  I’ve notice that all my favorite tracks have a theme about love. Xavier Omar’s songs remind me a lot of myself when it comes to love. When in love, we love hard. When you’re the one, you’re the one. We both want more than just sex. We want to be our true selves to our partner. We want to be unapologetic about our truths, beliefs and flaws. This is what Xavier Omar represents in his music. His production is always on point and intentional with powerful drastic sounds. It’s almost like an opera…he drifts you away in each song. His lyrics are pure and thoughtful. A very awakening experience.

You can find his most recent music on Spotify, but if you’re like me and wanted to dive into his older stuff, check him out on SoundCloud or YouTube.

Instragram @xvromar