You might know him better as YouTube sensation Filthy Frank and his alter ego Pink Guy. The man behind so many names, George Miller has found another persona, Joji. This half Japanese/Australian jack of all trades has taken his music career to a whole new level. George aka Filthy Frank is known for his YouTube channel of pulling pranks and crass trap influenced music.  

Now known as Joji and signed with 88rising he just dropped his first EP, In Tongues with a complete sixteen-minute visual to go with. I’ve never heard of his past personas before, so I wanted to listen to his music under Pink Guy. Pink Guy’s music is influenced by trap, electronic and even tokens of folk sounds like a ukulele. Pink Guy and Joji are very different sounds, it’s almost crazy that they come from the same person. Pink Guy is raw but in an idgaf way. I’m young and can say whatever I want. He’s crass and straight to the point. Some of his songs felt rough around the edges.  I will say that he will drop his opinions within race and politics but in an Eminem meets Al Yankovic kind of way.  


Joji sound shows growth and intention. Joji has a strong R&B influence. The EP In Tongues is very soft, melodramatic and dark. I’ve notice a lot of artist turning to this slow dramatic side within their music. It’s been amazing to see artist coming out about personal struggles and wanting to relate to their fans, showing them it’s normal not to be 100 all the time. This project doesn’t come off like he’s just trying to get laughs. Joji is showing how versatile he can be and that this is something he is serious about.  The themes throughout  In Tongues explores resentment, relationships, dealing with personal demons and surviving.  If you’re looking for new artist to listen to, Joji should definitely be at the top of your list. Word is out that he’s working on more new projects but no dates have been released.