Ravyn Lenae is a new voice that isn’t that new. She’s been doing the damn thing for a few years now, but finally getting the recognition, she deserves. This high school graduate from Chicago is definitely making a name for herself.  Known for her features with Noname and the Telefone tour and Mick Jenkin’s Healing Component album. Her much anticipated EP since Moon Shoes  (2016) has dropped.  Midnight Moonlight is a six track EP that wraps you up in emotion and awareness. Her musical influences include Outkast, Timbaland, Erykah Badu and India.Arie. It makes since when you listen to her soulful sound mixed with jazz undertones and R&B aesthetics. Ravyn Lenae is honestly, her own genre. She’s continuously evolving her sound and versatile vocals.   


I had the pleasure of seeing Lenae in Minneapolis last year during Noname’s Telefone tour at First Avenue. There she was performing songs from her Moon Shoes, EP.  My god, I was blown away. To think all that power was coming from such a petite young lady. It was such an amazing experience. She has a way with giving you such a peaceful and calming ambiance.  Lenae’s stage performance is very humble and she has such grace to her personality.   


She wants to relate to her audience, and she does so with such ease. She’s a woman, explaining her life within music and colour simultaneously. One song will make you feel a dark fuchsia mix with hues of blue. Like the track titled Unknown. Or the song Spice that gives me bright red/orange with streaks of yellow and even a bit of pink. She is the Van Gogh of music.  

The difference between this EP and Moon Shoes, is Midnight Moonlight feels more independent and moody, if you will. There is a level of sophistication that she brings and you hear it evolve within each EP.  She’s been a great creative inspiration when it comes to painting. Her music brings out emotions you didn’t even know were there. Her music definitely brings out a boost of confidence in yourself.  It’s very soothing and therapeutic.