Lily Rayne or Rayne, is a young millennial from Rhode Island and she is giving us everything we didn’t even know we needed. Known for her singles On! And Super Lit, her EP has finally dropped. Rhode Girl is six tracks long filled with Angst mixed with trap. Her production includes, Kid Angel, 808 Travel and Mike.WAV.

Her influences include Pharell, Aaliyah, Sza and Soulja Boy. She’s still new in the music industry, but can’t really say industry since she’s not sign. She has an incredible fan based and works as an independent artist using tools like Sound Cloud to keep her music and fan base going strong.

Lily Rayne sound is really relatable. She gives off this vibe of being that care free bih, but if you really listen, you can hear her vulnerability. She’s just being her and she wants you to see that, she wants you to feel that. Her sound is almost ominous R&B with trappy undertones. Rayne’s beats are unique, in the sense that she’s not afraid to step outside the box.  My favorite tracks are Guess What, a simpler track, yet direct to the point. Rayne talks about not worrying about fuck boys, because home girl got options, she got shows and she got too much sauce to deal with any type of fuckery. I also really enjoy her song, Rhode Girl. A representation of what it’s like being a Rhode Island girl. Again, the beat is almost whimsical, with Lily explaining she just wants to live her life with no strings attached. Another gem is Way I’m Livin, if anything this track would be consider more of a banger to me. The beat immediately gets you going and it’s almost like every woman’s anthem. We just over here trying to live, and if us livin makes you mad, okay then.

Rayne definitely knows her direction and what she’s doing as a new artist. Even though this album just came out, we at Black Noize are too excited for her future creations. You can listen to the whole EP on SoundCloud including some of her older singles and a newer single she just dropped a few weeks ago named BWORDS.