Kota The Friend is a 23 year old from Brooklyn, New York who is steady changing the game when it comes to Hip-Hop and R&B.  Since  getting recognition from his single, Customs, and his EP, Palm Tree Liquor (2016), he’s still showing us all his talent  with his new album, Paloma Beach.  With influences ranging from The Beetles and Jay-Z, to A Tribe Called Quest and Kid Cudi. Kota shows that he’s not afraid to experiment with his sound. Kota is also a jack of all trades if you will, not only writing most of his own music but also producing his own music as well, playing his own guitar and piano pieces as well in his album.

Personally, listening to Kota’s music is calming. His music is very intentional in that he’s truthful about the state he’s in at the moment. I wouldn’t say that he creates “bangers” but more subtle songs with a big impact. Low melodies and his skilled lyricism sets the tone for every track. His themes are relatable, and usually about what he’s going through within his life; whether it be losing friendships, dealing with depression, or just enjoying time with his son and family.  Kota isn’t one for gimmicks and he doesn’t believe he has to follow that path for fans to relate. And he’s right…with his production and truthful expressions, I feel that Kota will be worldwide before he even realizes it.

Like he says in his track  Sacramento, “you fuckin with me or not?”   Believe me when I say, you will be. You can find the homie on Spotify, SoundCloud and iTunes.

– Tesia P.