Hippy Soul

Groovy bass lines. Heavy 808s. Eccentric waves of ad-libs (remnant of A$AP Mob’s). Hippy Soul opens their latest release with the rebellious jazz-infused, rock-esque “Real Ninjas”; exploring their upbringings in Memphis, angst with society and cultural appropriation by outsiders. My first time ever hearing about this duo was through this year’s A3C list of artists. Hence, their sound and style is great as any for those who appreciate authenticity, genuineness & creativity in their playlist.

Only Real Ninjas…

These MC Shinobi keep consistent with their “Ninja code” while exploring the “worthiness” theme. Consequently, vulnerability and unapologetic honesty paints the canvas throughout the play. Especially relevant is their profile picture on SoundCloud and FB displaying them in full Akatsuki garb. For those unaware of the significance, one of the most popular anime series of all time (Naruto) is home to the most infamous and dangerous criminal organization of the lands. Akatsuki is a collective grounded in the world’s revolution through controlling power on a global scale, thus controlling the flux of wars between nations. Rather a carefully selective organization to gain membership to. Furthermore, you must be chosen from an initiate, alongside having accomplished some great feat of anarchic design to join. Hippy Soul’s movement is apparently rooted in a strong purpose that’s unafraid of destruction for manifestation.

The Spiritual

“Why your Devil and your preacher abide by the same dress code?” – Tom Lee

Hippy Soul easily separates themselves from their contemporaries with introspective lyricism and critical social critiques. Crisp deliveries in addition to dynamic production and fearless bravado seals the brand with unique flow. Most of all, an apparent spiritual awareness is in their music. Hippy Soul’s vibration feels like a myriad of old school blues, golden age country Hip Hop and mindful songwriting. It seems like the sciences employed by this duo are timeless in both purpose and endeavor. In conclusion, for minds in search of soulful Hip Hop of a colorful variety, you needn’t look much further. Follow Hippy Soul via the links below!