Floco Torres is an upcoming artist that has been grinding through the game since 2008.  The New Jersey native, now a proud “Ohio-ian”, is known best for his single Cherry Street, released in 2011. Cherry Street was written for the Gateway Macon Music Competition. The song won multiple awards including a National Telly Award in 2012. Tell Awards honors excellence in video and television from all mediums. He’s also known for his album, Floco’s Modern Life. An album completely funded by Kick starter and recorded with a full band.  Known for having so many projects under his belt, Floco has just released his new EP, Again and Focus. 

Floco Torres has a great balance within his music. You can tell he appreciates old school hip-hop, but isn’t afraid to stretch the limits. I mean, that’s hip hop in the first place. With musical inspirations from artist such as Kid Cudi, St. Vincent and Tame Impala, you can see where he gets his sound. He’s not afraid to show off his elective feel. A track that really stands out is You!  For a break up track, this is an upbeat song that shows even though things may have to end, it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t have happened. Everything in life can turn into a lesson or a memory, it’s just a matter of how you reflect on it in the end.


  Walked out is another track from album, Again  that I love. It’s very chill with a simplistic, yet compelling beat. It’s just overall smooth and the outro sample is the perfect ending.  I just get lost in the beat while riding the bus through Minneapolis.

Elevator  ft. Kimie Yates.  This track may seem simplistic, but with a clean beat that expresses the nervousness when going into a job interview. It’s hard complying to the double standards of being Black in America, but as Torres reclaims, “I’m on my way up.” And homie isn’t lying. Floco Torres is on his way, and he’s bringing his out of the box thinking with him.

Torres won’t be an underdog for long. He has a lot to be proud about, including being voted to play the recent A3C Festival in Atlanta. A3C Festival is one of the largest hip-hop festivals in the Country. He’s already on the move with a new album, said to be release march of 2018.  Until then, catch his vibe and find most of his work on Spotify  and Soundcloud.