The Art

One of the many humble admissions lain throughout the latest release of Orion Sun’s self titled collection.  I find it hard to categorize this as a “mixtape” and the concepts feel too complete to justify calling it a “project”. As a result, I find a canvas of colorful tapestry; woven with pain, selfishness, selflessness and love. I especially love how this tape expresses a free spirit’s inner turmoils and travels in a gravity dominated world.

Orion Sun

I didn’t think much about what to expect beforehand. When I was suggested this musical selection, I just dove in with open mind and open ears. My non bias was greatly rewarded. While playing acoustic and soulfully funk-filled vibes, Orion Sun embodies an almost literal celestial feel. As the cosmos has many bodies and phenomena, so too does her compilation build an eclectic plethora of musicality. Ethereal feel meets powerful nostalgia as O.S. seems to balance her world’s groundings with love’s transcendence. One listen to Space Jam or the Frank Sinatra-esque groove of Valentine, and as did I, you will be a believer.


“I wanna be your best friend, sticking it out with you til the end.
I wanna know all your dreams, and if you have any dreams that involve me.” – Betterrr (live)
It’s lines like these that hit the hardest. And as I’ve recently transitioned out of a relationship, these lines are gut wrenching reminders of a deep love felt, in addition to beautiful instrumentation. If grooves in the key of soul is your mood, this plentiful adventure guaranteed to hold your attention. Finally, clocking in at barely half an hour, it’s an easy listen for a lunch break or meditation. In conclusion, Orion Sun is a name to be connected with raw and honest musical vibrations…
…and I, for one, am completely here for it.

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