Sometimes a new image is needed. Not something that totally erases what’s inside, but something that shows what inside has grown into after dealing with experiences. Philadelphia’s own Noel Scales seems to be going through a similar change, as the singer/songwriter shares her new demeanor in her debut EP Beautiful Bad.

Beautiful Bad is Noel Scales’ musical declaration of a change needed in her life. The cause of the transformation comes from the desire of wanting to feel exquisite without having to follow the criteria of a so called “good girl.” By combining Scales’s lyrics and the production from producers Mario Crew, Harry Wilson and Sean Boyd, each track is like an outfit that Scales’ tried on.

There will be some outfits that you’ll like on Scales and some that you won’t, take for instance “Picky.” For me, although the lyrics are cool, the flow seemed to be an impersonation of  DeJ Loaf as well as imitating ad-libs that are similar to Migos which may make you want to skip to the next outfit because you’re not interested in her dressing up like someone else.

The tone of the production on “Agree”, plus Scales’ mellow melodies go together so well that you would think that she is as cool as a fan wearing an all black attire like Jay Z in 2009. And while Scales is on her all black everything, “Agree” shows her willing to open up to a crush over intoxicating laid back melodies.

On “Tune In,” lyrics like, “I’ve been kind of hard to reach/Too busy in my fantasy, stuck here looking at the screen,” show that someone has given Scales butterflies. This leads to her adding the same type of color that can be seen on the infatuating butterflies to her outfit. The only thing that probably could be taken off from it are the ad-libs, which could be viewed as an unnecessary accessory because like “Picky” they have her looking like she’s trying to copy someone instead of creating her own style.

With lyrics that show her perspective on past relationships, to that catchy hook and dope beat on “4never” featuring the rapper, Wes, is definitely the outfit that stands out the most on Noel Scales. On “Drippin” we find Scales still reminiscing over an old flame which makes the lyrics and production seem like from top to bottom her attire has visible rips that represent a pain of hers that won’t go away. The energy on the last track “Confident,” shows Scales fearlessly walking out of Beautiful Bad with the illest headwrap on, holding the self security that she was looking for in the in the intro.  Below you can checkout Noel Scales’ debut EP Beautiful Bad and decide for yourself which outfit looks best on the young singer for yourself.