“The Swing Through” felt like a reunion of old souls celebrating amazing voices and talent. There was an eclectic (slightly hipster-ish) vibe as soon as you walked in. There were comfortable couches spread out, a swing by the window, a disco ball, and a warm ambiance that filled the room. There was so much positivity, support, and a bomb ass homemade sangria that made everything that much more enjoyable.

First up was a singer who commanded the stage without a word. Ashley (@my_ashpiration) has a beautiful “light” voice that’s easy to listen to, and backed with depth & power. She did Jhene Aiko’s, “The Worst” and completely killed it & surprised everyone when she remixed the track with her own verse.

The next performance was by Hannah (@hannah_lorimer)Im not sure if anyone knew what to expect because while she appeared shy at first, she had so much soul and grace with every song that everyone was blown away. She reminded me of a flowy yet poetic Ellie Ingram. Didn’t hurt that she had a mean guitarist named Eoin (pronounced like “Owen”)…who ripped every song in the set.

The 3rd performance was by Devin (@devin_farrell).
She has a lot of presence and definitely knows how to command the stage. Her powerful voice, accompanied by with lots of range, had everyone’s attention. The passion evoked when she sings is enough to keep all eyes on her throughout her set. She ended with Bilal ” What is Love?”…amazing way to end her segment.

Lastly, the headliner, #TheGypsyFunkExperience…VINNY (@vincena) gave everyone life when she came out dancing with her tambourine & funk inspired outfit. She performed originals as well as revived covers with her 2 background singers. Clips from a 70’s film was projected b

ehind her & played throughout her performance. She moved so freely it was as if she was Foxy Kleopatra reincarnate. She has a looseness & comfortability performing that inspires her audience to join her. Listeners could hear her emotions & the sentiment behind each word which kept the performance captivating and unforgettable.

#TheSwingThrough had an indescribable vibe that deserves to be a monthly…at least quarterly event. The amazement at the level of skill and soul combined in each

performance was enough to give this event a stamp. Signed and sealed. If you missed it, don’t sleep the next time…swing thru.